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April 2009 - Getting Unstuck

Last month's big question got quite a great response. I'm very much looking forward to the response this month.

The inspiration for this question comes straight from Gina Minks' post - I think grad school is making me crazy. She is in a graduate school program and is a great self-directed learner:
I’m learning about things like instructional theories, learning theories, how to tie learning to performance, how to tie learning to business requirements, and ways to measure all these things.

I’m learning that my technical skills are important as learning moves to a web 2.0 platform. I’m learning my experience as a community organizer is very transferable to building online communities. I’ve learned my background in information studies helps tie all these things together.

Participating in courses like CCK08 helped accelerate my thinking on the real possibilities of change that are available now.

But Gina also works inside an organization (in her case a large corporation) but I think most people will recognize her comment:
The realities of being part of a large organization and my responsibilities are more clear to me now too.

I feel I’m going to be stuck doing the same thing forever with all these cool ideas in my head that will never get implemented.

Thus, for April 2009 Big Question is:

Stuck? Getting unstuck?

There's really quite a bit to this question.
  • Do you sometimes feel stuck? Feel like you have so many more ideas about how you could help your organization or your clients, but that What Clients Want is just some training?
  • Should you attempt to get unstuck? How hard should you push your internal or external clients to get them to see the full range of what is possible? Or should you give them what they ask for?
  • If you are feeling some level of stuck, what should you do to get unstuck? How important is it to get unstuck? Is it okay to learn a lot about all kinds of different solutions, but to primarily work on simple training solutions?
  • If you are stuck, should you be concerned about your future?
For those of you who are not bloggers, come and at least comment on whether you feel a bit stuck!

How to Respond:

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