Monday, January 31

Email posting

We're in the final countdown period for the Learning Circuits Blog.
This post is coming in via email. I'm sending it via Gmail and am
curious to see what it looks like.

Sound, too.
this is an audio post - click to play


Friday, January 21

Why we're here

Welcome to Learning Circuits Blog:

* This blog is dedicated to sharing ideas and opinions about the state of learning and technology.
* Please use it to launch trial balloons,debate with others, and challenge assumptions.
* Join us in sharing pointers to new and interesting stuff.
* Continue the discussion of issues raised in Learning Circuits
* Raise questions you'd like the Learning Circuits community to answer.

Wednesday, January 5

Ground Rules

The Learning Circuits Blog Ground Rules

#1: This is not the place for commercials or purely self-serving posts. The Blogmeiser and Yoda reserve the right to erase any posts they feel like.

#2: Only the designate members of the blog team can create a post on LCB. However, everyone can comment on posts and are encouraged to do so.

#3: You want to blog here? Email the Blogmeister a paragraph saying what you can contribute.

#4: We want a healthy and fun dialogue on this site. Please avoid personal attack, flaming another member of the community, or throughing dead flowers.

#5: Try to keep your posts and/or comments as brief and focused as possible. No one wants to read through long, draw out, meandering, unfocused, using-to-many-adjectives posts . Be kind to your fellow blogophiles - BE BRIEF.

Stuff Only a Geek Would Love

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