Monday, October 4

Examples of Big Impact from Technology

Whoops, October completely snuck up on me. I'm a couple days late posting this. And I have a bit different question this month.

One of the things that has always bugged me is that its very hard to find good case studies. A few years ago, we asked a big question Where are the Examples of eLearning? It resulted in finding some good examples such as: Elearning samples and eLearning Examples. There are a few more to be found via eLearning Case Studies on the eLearning Learning site.

But most of the time, these examples and case studies tend to focus on different styles of interaction in online courses.

I wanted to do something a bit different here. For most of us, we've worked on a few projects that use technology and have had a Big Impact on performance and the business. It wasn't just a check-the-box kind of training exercise. It was big and meaningful. I want to hear about those projects.

The October Big Question is:

Examples of Big Impact from Technology?

Brag a little, it's okay. If you can't name the company, just say "Big Box Retailer" or something like that. I want to know what projects you are most proud of in your life. But it does need to have technology as part of the solution.

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