Monday, November 2

Presenting the Value of Social Media for Learning

I've received various forms of the same question from different people over the past few years. The basic question is:
How do I communicate the value of social media as a learning tool to my organization?
Which provides us this month's big question:

Presenting the Value of Social Media for Learning?

Let me provide some flavor for this question straight from someone who asked me about this:
My coworkers are Baby Boomers and Traditionals. When I mention blogs or any social networking they "poo-poo" me and say our workers should not use those tools because it will make them inefficient and not do their jobs. When I have presented the idea of how we can use discussion threads on our environment to discuss topics and make comments outside the classroom, many of my co-workers said it can't be done. They either haven't opened their mind to the idea or really care. In essence, if it is not classroom, they are really not interested in it.

My question is how do I get my coworkers to even consider the capabilities of these tools when it really does not interest them.

So some of the questions this raises in my mind:
  1. How do you communicate about the potential here to other learning professionals? to knowledge workers? to management?
  2. How do you communicate the value to an audience who doesn't have experience with social media?

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