Monday, June 1

Time Spent

This month's big question comes from an inquiry I received from Robert Kennedy via my blog. The question was:
What is your typical day like? How do you do all you do with elearning learning, elearning technology, techempower, work literacy and all the consulting and still remain profitable while having a LIFE? Ok, so that is more than one question, but hopefully you get the drift. What are your thoughts here?
This is a great question and I'm guessing the answers will be quite interesting. After all, when I do presentations that introduce things like blogs, RSS readers, social networks, etc. I am almost always asked - "How much time do you spend on this? Where do you find the time?" And what they really mean is - I'm already too busy, how the heck can I also do all of what you are telling me about. So I really hope that we can have a great resource here that will give people a sense of what's going on in the lives of people who are adopting some of these things.

Where is your time spent?

I'm really hoping that we can get a broad cross section of answers. I consider myself to be somewhat of a "special case" ... but I'm guessing that's true for many of us.

Beyond the basic answer I'm hoping you will chime in with thoughts around:
  • How much time do you spend and how did you find time for all the relatively newer things like reading blogs, twitter, social networks, etc.?
  • What are you doing less of today than you were 3-5 years ago?
  • Do you have less of a life with all of these new things?

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