Monday, May 3

Learning Technology 2015

I was struggling this month to feel inspired about a Big Question. I probably need some help soon to keep the questions going and interesting. Volunteers?

Luckily Stephen Downes came to my rescue by pointing me to a fantastic piece Technology to Enhance Learning in 2015? In it, Derek Morrison talks about his answers to the question:

So what can, should, or will, we offer the digital generation by 2015?
In the world of workplace eLearning, the question is only slightly different and leads us to ask for five year out predictions. So the May Question is:

What will workplace learning technology look like in 2015?

or more correctly, how will things have changed from today. What are your predictions.

And if you are smart, you will do what Derek did and keep it in a medium where you can enhance it so that if you look back in five years you can fudge your answers.

I'm looking forward to seeing some interesting responses to this. I hope a few of the old timers like Brent, Mark, Jay - heck - you know who you are - will jump in on this.

How to Respond:

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