Wednesday, January 5

Ground Rules

The Learning Circuits Blog Ground Rules

#1: This is not the place for commercials or purely self-serving posts. The Blogmeiser and Yoda reserve the right to erase any posts they feel like.

#2: Only the designate members of the blog team can create a post on LCB. However, everyone can comment on posts and are encouraged to do so.

#3: You want to blog here? Email the Blogmeister a paragraph saying what you can contribute.

#4: We want a healthy and fun dialogue on this site. Please avoid personal attack, flaming another member of the community, or throughing dead flowers.

#5: Try to keep your posts and/or comments as brief and focused as possible. No one wants to read through long, draw out, meandering, unfocused, using-to-many-adjectives posts . Be kind to your fellow blogophiles - BE BRIEF.

Stuff Only a Geek Would Love

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Anonymous said...

As a university student who only until recently has become familiar with e-learning practice, the ethical guidelines of weblogging as I have come to understand them are very neatly summed up here in your post.The resounding message for appropriate posting is evident... be courteous and avoid the unnecessary waffle. However, perhaps you have forgotten one important ground rule... whatever happened to developing a voice? personalising your posts? or does this go without saying?

Dave Lee said...


you're absolutely right. I think some of our authors here on LCB are good at having a voice, while other struggle with it. As a university student you also know the incredible pressure we all go through in our academic careers to get rid of that voice and be "objective." It's hard to change back after years of training! thanks for you comments.

Anonymous said...

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