Tuesday, March 8


In the old days, web purists ranted against Flash. It was proprietary. It wasn't web-like.

How do people feel now? I'm thinking more of posting on the open web than in a controlled in-house environment.

I'd like to replace Abode pdf white papers with a new design I'm calling a "brief." Briefs are created in FlashPaper. Take a look.

Is the fact that Macromedia owns Flash a hang-up?


Anonymous said...

I love Flash. I love the interactivity. I love the ability to make the interface part of the content. I have a hard time imagining how, if we looked ahead at the best educational content of, say, 2006, it wouldn't be Flash based.

Anonymous said...

I like the conversation about briefs. (By the way, in the military, a brief is a one-word oxymoron.) But I had two production thoughts. The first is that I still believe you could publish a brief from PowerPoint using Acrobat at a low-resolution setting. Second, the open-source competitor to Microsoft Office also allows you to save PPT's (and their equivelant) as SWF files.