Saturday, May 21

Aligning Training Processes, Tools, and Metrics

I don't know why, but I have been getting a tremendous amount of interest recently in a concept I first put forth a few years ago called Learning Accord.

It suggests that you can rank many aspects of a Formal Learning Program (FLP) from tactical to strategic, including:

  • Type of learning material;
  • Types of results needed; and
  • Processes used.

With this organization, you can accurately predict how well a program will work. The most successful FLP's have a great deal of accord between the material, results, and processes, and the least successful have significant discord. So if you are planning any FLP, I would strongly suggest an early meeting between buyer, builder, and deployer around the issue of accord.

If you are interested in learning more about the idea, use the link above (Learning Accord) or check out the appendix in Learning By Doing. After that, feel free to email me and I can send you a ppt of the charts, including an academic version that has not been published anywhere.


David Grebow said...

Clark - I've used a similar process I called "VMGO" which means Vision-Mission-Goals-Objectives.

Its is a top-down process and describes a Vision Statement; the Mission Statements that need to be met to make the Vision a reality; the Goals that must be met in order for the Mission to be fulfilled; and finally the educational, learning, knowledge Objectives in very fine detail that need to be done (as in who and when) to meet the objecives.

It's not as Enterprise Strength as Learning Accord but it certainly reorients people to the reality that the Objectives need to be ultimately in alignment with the Vision, which too often seems far away and long ago ...

jay said...

Knowledgestar, if you'd like to share your VMGO, give us a link.

Clark, I'm a huge fan of your concentric-circle planner. So many presentations are lists, as if levels have no meaning. Your format makes it easy to spot things that are out of line or left out.

Anonymous said...

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