Tuesday, October 4

A New Web Writing Tool

This post has been ported into LCB from a new collaborative writing tool that is currently in beta called writely. Harold Jarche gave it a nice write up on his his blog inspiring me to take a look at it. The functionality is very intuitive and seems to combine the best of word processing and wiki technologies to create a collaborative platform. Currently it struggles with some issues around formatting (trying to fix a table that was messed up in the upload from Word was a real mess), but they do make it clear that you're using a beta. The ability to collaborate with as many people as you wish on a document by document basis is great. I see the following functions as real positives:

  • That you can post out to most blogs
  • bring content to writely by email, upload, or original creation,
  • download into Word, HTML,
  • all with revision history and the ability to revert to previous versions at the click of a button.

I agree with Harold, this is definitely the future for use today.


Harold Jarche said...

I've found Writely to be an easier to use platform than this latest one, from 37Signals; Writeboard, especially for non-techies.

Lee Kraus said...

I have been using Writely with a very small distributed group and we really like it. I have also used it to post to my blog. I think it will continue to replace my MS Word activity.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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