Sunday, April 16

SimWord of the Day: Accumulator

Accumulator: A repository where “stock” can increase or decrease. The capacity to accumulate is often part of a unit, including the player him or herself.
The stock can be conceptual, abstracted, or real, such as good will, health, or monkeys respectively. Stock may have to be transported by units in a sim, or transported automatically.
The amount of stock may be limited by the capacity of any single accumulator (i.e. one can’t have more monkeys than cages; to get more space, one has to build more cages), per unit (the player can never have more than 50 monkeys) or unlimited (monkey dung). The destruction of the accumulator may result in the destruction of all of the stock, the freeing up of the stock for other units to possess (such as in MMORPGs), or the shifting of the stock automatically to other accumulators.

Scores, where used, are "accumulated."

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