Wednesday, June 14

Activity in the Discussion Wiki

I thought I'd call everyone's attention to some activity in the LCB Discussion Wiki.  Two members of the community have created new pages in hopes of generating discussion around topics of interest to them.

A member going by the screen name "learning" has added a page for discussion of "Funding sources for public sector projects." 

Peter Shea recently added a page to discuss "Becoming a great simulation designer."  He's hoping the community will use the wiki to share reading lists, organizations to join, and types of projects to tackle.

To join in these discussions, simply click on the LCB Discussion Wiki here or in the sidebar to the right and then click on the link to the page you want in the topics list.  Feel free to add a page to the wiki on any topic you think your colleagues might find interesting.

(Remember, you need to log-in before you will have editing rights.)

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