Tuesday, October 10

The Big Follow-up Question

What a great conversation our Big Question generated last week. As Tony has summarized, it seems most everyone agrees that blogs are great tool for acheiving some vital professional development characteristics that every learning professional should have:
  • being self-reflective,
  • being collaborative,
  • being rigorous in supporting our positions,
  • open to feedback,
  • understanding our point of view and learning to share it,
  • working knowledge of new technologies,
are a few we've identified. But where does that leave us? Of course, the begged question here is -

So, What Can We Do About It?

If you think it's important that everyone be blogging, how do we get there? If you agree the goals that I've just listed are important, but blogs aren't the answer. What is? Blog about how you would take steps to improve the quality of learning experiences using blogs - or other technologies.

The form for submitting posts regarding the big follow-up question has been closed. However, if you have a post in response and would like to have it added to the list below, please contact dave lee at blogmeister (at) mac (dot) com


Karl Kapp said...

Not sure the posting of links is working, seems to be inserting a null value.

Donald Clark said...

Well, if you are the boss, you can require eveyone to be a blogger: Josh Quittner - I Want Media

Jim Belshaw said...

I seem to have done something wrong too. Link http://professionalservicesmanagement.blogspot.com/2006/10/using-blogs-and-other-new-technology.html

Stephen Citron said...

Yes. I think some L&D people "should" blog.
see Citron's Pips.