Wednesday, November 29

What are your strategic goals in 2007

Even more so than saving my Wikipedia entry, I would like to ask something more of you.

What are your strategic goals for 2007? As part of that, what are your learning goals for 2007? And finally, how much time do you plan to spend in either classrooms, online courses, or conferences?


Matthew Nehrling said...

Is LearningCircuits considering this the 'December Big Question'? It sure does seem 'big' enough.

Right now, I am simply hoping to finish my 2006 projects, albeit, our department surly has some challenges for 2007, mostly around making our eLearning more fun and engaging and creating an 'official' mLearning strategy.

Matthew Nehrling

Tony Karrer said...

Good question Matthew, and the December big question will relate to this topic. In fact, your comment is an almost exact parallel to our upcoming question. :)

Peter Shea said...

I plan to create e-learning modules for developmental learning students struggling with their first year of college.

Anonymous said...

Clark, perfect question and perfect timing.

I am in the midst of crytalizing my learning strategy for this year. Doing some reflection on last year's achievements and pitfalls.

Any insights on what would make a solid learning strategy for this year? what are the foreseen challenges?

I would be interesting to hear your strategy as well.