Tuesday, December 19


Relax, relax. It's definitely open blog and you can look onto your neighbor's screen anytime you want. This month you get two chances to voice your opinion. What I've done is summarized all the answers provided to date by our participating bloggers to the "challenges" question and the "prediction" question.

I grouped similar or related answers together to help narrow down the number of possible answers for you to choose from. Some of the answer catagories were obvious (war for talent/scarce talent/talent mgmt). While others were a bit more of a stretch (Learners will create content teach us and convert reluctant educators aims to unite 7 predictions of learner centrality.)

Don't get too hung up on the details. You have a tough enough task picking out one challenge and one prediction from all of these choices. don't worry, there are no right answers. this is a collaborative quiz. Those who talk about their answers or the overall results in the comments to this post will get extra credit from the blogmeister.


jay said...

What am I missing here? Where is the summary?

Also, isn't it cute the way Google's new rendition of Blogger does not recognize our former Blogger identities? I am getting tired of re-entering my username and password again and again.

Dave Lee said...

Sorry about that Jay. Let me clarify. The answers provided for your to choose from to the quiz questions are generally summary answers of multiple but related answers given by different participants in this month's The Big Question. For instance, you listed as a challenge: "maintaining perspective amid a deluge of information and change." I listed: "dealing with the incredibly exciting, mind boggling changes in technology." Karl Kapp said: "determining the best places to focus my energy, I have too many items on my to-do-list and not enough hours in the day." These all would fit loosely under the answer "maintaining perspective in deluge of info and change." (obviously I liked your wording and found it to be broad enough to gather others in.)

Quizzes themselves are in the sidebar, scroll down and you can't miss them.

Finally to really annoy you with Google, LCB is not in the new rendition of Blogger yet. Team blogs were all held out of the beta as a class. (I think the re-entry of our username and password have to do with spam prevention more than the Googlization of Blogger.)