Monday, May 4

Social Grid Value

This month's big question comes from an inquiry that I received as a result of my presentation on the Social Grid. The question is the basis of the May 2009 Big Question:

How does/will the Social Grid will impact Human Capital and Organizations?

In Social Learning Measurement, I discussed some different ways that we could measure social learning, but I think the question that is raised here is a question that needs to be asked prior to asking about measurement.

My guess is that there are all kinds of interesting dynamics that will come about in organizations that have a strong social grid and a workforce that is highly skilled in using that social grid. For example, the recent MIT Study that showed that more highly networked individuals were more productive (see Workplace Productivity).

What do you see as the impact?

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Responses So Far:


Stephen Downes said...

So far as I can judge, looking at the article, the 'social grid' is in all respects the same as the 'social network'. So why this new (derivative?) terminology?

Tony Karrer said...

Good question and I don't have a good response other than the reaction I normally receive when I use the term "social network" is that people assume I mean MySpace, Facebook. I believe that Social Network is associated too closely with a few Social Networking tools which then limits the scope of what we are really talking about. I believe that when people think about Social Grid - they think about the connections more than the specific tools.

I'm guessing you've seen this before when you are talking about connectivism.

Character Education said...

Both are some, Social Grid the newest subset of Social Network,i think people from different Social network can communicate each other through social Grid.

Clark said...

Tony, I wrote this post a few days before the Big Q, but I think it's the answer I'd posit here:
Clark Quinn - Learnlets on Twitter and Chaos

Nick Conner said...

I am working with a P.R. Firm that loves social networking,(they call it the social grid) but besides increasing website popularity and maybe blog traffic I have failed to see it as a tool.

I have commented on my site on some other topics in connection to this blog.

Anthony said...

As commented on my blog, I'm sure being more connected can't help but make individuals and organizations perform better, provided there are clear objectives (why am I here and where am I going?) and some sort of plan of action. However, I think it's too early to start measuring the impact when we're still not quite sure what we should be measuring...

Amanda Crowe said...

I think the question that is raised here is a question that needs to be asked prior to asking about measurement. I don't believe that social media is a 'strategy'. Social media allows us new ways of listening, engaging, connecting and learning about what our customers and potential customers are saying about our brand/product/service