Tuesday, February 8

eLearning Predictions and Plans 2011 #LCBQ

This is a month late this year, but I'm excited because the Big Question Thought Leaders are working with me around this question.

For February the question is:

What are your
Predictions and Plans for 2011?

The goal here is to here what people see happening for them this year.

  • What are your biggest challenges for this upcoming year?
  • What are your major plans for the year?
  • What predictions do you have for the year?

In your predictions and plans, don't try to look too broadly. Instead, what's always valuable is to hear from people about their specific area, or what's happening in their job.

You might want to look back at previous years:

How to Respond:

Option 1 - Simply put your thoughts in a comment below. This may be hard given the complexity of the topic.

Option 2 - Tweet your thoughts using the hastag: #LCBQ

We will do our best to collect together tweets around the topic.

Option 3 -

Step 1 - Post in your blog (please link to this post). We recommend including #LCBQ in your title to help us.

Step 2 - Put a comment in this blog with an HTML ready link that I can simply copy and paste (an HTML anchor tag). I will only copy and past, thus, I would also recommend you include your NAME immediately before your link. So, it should look like:

Tony Karrer - e-Learning 2.0

or you could also include your blog name with something like:

Tony Karrer - e-Learning 2.0 : eLearningTechnology

Posts so far (and read comments as well):


Anonymous said...

I plan to take m-learning more seriously this year, and make a concerted effort to meet the growing demand for learning via devices such as the iPhone and Blackberry.

Jeff Goldman said...


Great plan, I think we are going to see more dev tools this year that will make it much easier to deliver to these devices too. You may as well add iPad to that device list :)


Unknown said...

Glenn Hansen's 2011 predictions - 211 - the year of collaboration

Andrew Scivally said...

I'm going to have to agree with everyone...my big focus is on better understanding how to get great learning on phones and tablets.

I also see a big push for tools that make it easy for novice eLearning designers to develop interactive and professional-looking content.

Anonymous said...

OK - I've pontificated...read it here http://sparkyourinterest.wordpress.com/2011/02/09/what-does-2011-look-like-for-consultants/.

Glenn and Jeff - liked your posts! Thomas TAG you're it!

Jeff Goldman said...

Jeff Goldman's response 2011 predictions

analee said...

Nice plan...

Cheryl McNeil said...

I see more and more companies looking to convert those PowerPoints to more advanced e-Learning modules and moving away from template-driven tools such as Articulate. I use Adobe Captivate and Lectora personally and love the creativity and flexibility it allows me.

Jeff Goldman said...


I agree, I think more people currently using Powerpoint as a development tool are going to expand their boundaries. However, I also think many are also going to learn how to make Powerpoint look much less like Powerpoints and learn to add much more interactivity to them too.

To give credit to Articulate, it is a tool that utilizes Powerpoint, but in the right hands can make some great courses that you would never know started as Powerpoint. Here is a good example of that - http://elearning-examples.s3.amazonaws.com/MissionTurfgrass/player.html.

Thanks, Jeff

Jeff Goldman said...

Let's try that link again - Articulate Course - Turfgrass


Clark said...

Clark Quinn - Learnlets - Predictions

Unknown said...

I have put my response in a blog: http://kasperspiro.com/2011/02/20/my-e-learning-predictions-and-plans-for-2011-lcbq/

Online Practice Paper said...

I have no time to go higher school to complete my study so I think I must start E learning. Your post really help me to stats and plane my work. thanks

Ryan D said...

One of my biggest prediction for 2011, is that people are going to get more and more aware that the world is getting flat. That the competition in the Job Market place is worldwide. And everybody has to create a strong added value to be able to compete worldwide. Choosing the right major and minor in the right university will become a key point for success.

Josh Verienes said...

E-learning is probably the future of education. Participating in classes is for social purposes. You can learn more and better, while you sit in your own room, watching educational videos than by trying to understand what your teacher talks about in class.

Derlierprossy said...

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