Friday, April 1

Addressing I Want it Now #LCBQ

I'm very happy to be working with the Big Question Thought Leaders on the questions each month.

For April the LCBQ is:

How do you address the "I want it now!" demand from stakeholders?

As one of the LCBQ thought leaders put it:

The other day I walked into an executives office and they had a site up about "Rapid Instructional Design." I spent quite a bit of time in discussion with this executive. It is a real tough balance of providing instructionally sound courses/events and providing it is an time frame acceptable by stakeholders.
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jay said...

Jay Cross - LCBQ

April Fool!

The reply is that “instructionally sound courses/events” are not always the answer. Better to start with the problem rather than the solution.

Finding anything about instructional design in an executive’s office was what tipped me off that this was a joke question.

Jeff Goldman said...


So true, "courses/events are not always the answer."

I would add this simplified clarification to the question - "With a training need identified..."

FYI: I will be starting my response with "A priest, a rabbi and an instructional designer were sitting a bar and identified a training need" Thanks for the inspiration :)


Unknown said...

Glenn Hansen - Addressing "I want it now!"

Thomas Edgerton said...


I'd like to hear the rest of the joke. Does it include one parachute?

You guys crack me up,


Unknown said...

I have posted my serious response (sorry Jay) in a blog: Kasper Spiro:

Clive Shepherd said...

I posted my rapid-fire response on Clive on Learning

Jeff Goldman said...

My response - "A Priest, A Rabbi and an Instructional Designer Are in a Bar and Identify a Training Need: A response to the #LCBQ"

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony - here's my post:

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony. Here's our post on this (really good) question:

Thanks, as always, for starting good discussions and sharing them.

wfs said...

Thanks also Clive. I already been there.

Tom Gram said...

Tom Gram, Performance X Design: I Want it Now!

Jeff Goldman said...

Jeff's additional response - The Other Stakeholder Wants It Now Too #LCBQ

jay said...

Jeff, there are no "training needs." There are performance gaps that learning may help fill, but training needs? Trainers need to have training to earn a living. The rest of us? No....

Jeff Goldman said...


Perhaps these are semantics, but whether "training needs" or "learning needs," performance gaps are not rare in the corporate training world and stakeholders are coming to the training department asking us to identify what/if certain knowledge and skills are needed to help fill these gaps and to provide / facilitate learning opportunities (typically they call it training just like me).



P.s. This discussion does remind me of the following quote from Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles," but I am not ready to add it to my e-mail signature just yet. -

"We've gotta protect our phoney baloney jobs, gentlemen!" - Governor William J. Le Petomane