Wednesday, June 1

Break Down Organizational Walls When It Comes to Learning #LCBQ

Thanks to Holly and the rest of the Big Question Thought Leaders for helping me to craft this month's question.

In many organizations, our learners are reaching outside of the organization to enhance their learning experience, through social networking/media and many other methods. In other organizations, the learning audience includes partners and customers, and the learning ecosystem expands beyond employees.

The #LCBQ for June is:

How do we break down organizational walls when it comes to learning?

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Adrienn said...

Is there a demo out there of two different course types, eg traditional vs action mapping, then the organisation can get 10 learners to try both and see which ones meet the goal best? Of course this could be difficult, given that no person is the same.
The org could then be convinced that one method is better than another and worth the time and effort.
So often I find that clients just want elearning to 'tick the box' that they have met training requirements for staff, but don't actually care about the outcome, ie 'well it's the learner's fault for not understanding'

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