Tuesday, November 8

November Guest Blogger: Chad Udell

Chad Udell is the managing director at Float Learning, a consulting firm that combines strategy, mobile app development, and eLearning to guide organizations by harnessing the power of mobile learning.

Chad has a B.S. in Graphic Design from Bradley University (where he is also an adjunct faculty member for the Interactive Media Department), with deep experience in large-scale web design and development. Chad and his team have done some impressive educational interactive design work as well (see what they built for the Alder Planetarium to get an idea of some of that work), and released some great apps on the iTunes store and Android Marketplace.

Chad is currently running ASTD's Essentials of Mobile Learning course along with Jeff Tillett. Chad will be blogging here this month, focusing on mobile learning. You can catch up with Chad and the Float team over on their blog at floatlearning.com/blog, and if you’re interested in web design and development, check in with his personal blog at visualrinse.com. Chad will be leading a full day workshop on prototyping at the upcoming ASTD TechKnowledge Conference in January.

Oh, and if you think Chad is only a tech guy, he also brews his own beer (he prefers nice citrusy IPAs) and is pretty good behind a grill or smoker.

Join Chad as he explores topics this month on mobile learning strategy and how to get started on the road to mobile learning.

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