Monday, December 5

December Blogger: Judy Unrein

Judy Unrein designs learning solutions for Artisan E-Learning, an e-learning design and consulting firm. I first saw Judy speak at last year’s TechKnowledge conference on HTML5, a topic of increasing importance in the learning and development field. Judy is also on the advisory committee for the upcoming TechKnowledge conference (and responsible for helping put together one of the conference’s best lineup of sessions). So, with that in mind, Judy will be blogging here this month about HTML5 and providing a peek at the upcoming conference.
We’ll try to avoid the ever-popular HTML5 vs. Flash debate and really stick with the current state of HTML5 and some tools for its development, a conversation she already started in a T+D article this past October.
To catch up with Judy, you can check in on her regular blog at or connect with her on Twitter @jkunrein. She also co-hosts “The ToolBar” a podcast about learning, technology, and beer (!).


Unknown said...

Thanks for a great intro, Justin!

And if you weren't able to access some of the links in this post, please give it another try. onehundredfortywords is now back up and running.

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