Monday, April 23

Tour Stops for Week Two of Gamification of Learning and Instruction Tour

TODAY'S STOP:April 27: Connie Malamed The eLearning Coach: Are you a Gamification Wizard This week promises to be an exciting second week of the Gamification Blog Book Tour. Here are the stops for this week.

April 23: Clark Quinn Learnlets

April 24: Karl Grieb ASTD Philadelphia Chapter

April 25: Webinar Presentation for Houston ASTD Chapter "What Research Tells Us about Games, Gamification and Learning" Join the webinar.

April 26: Debbie Richards Take an e-Learning Break And a live appearance by Karl at the NY ASTD Chapters combined SIG Meeting. If you are in NY, you may want to register and attend.

April 27: Connie Malamed The eLearning Coach.

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