Saturday, July 23

On Being Digital

So first I read about age being a factor in Tom Hoffman's post, Outta My Way Geezer!

Then I see this cool movie by Stephen that he refers to in his post about Moviemaker.

So, here's my movie about the subject of being digital.

So using Moviemaker or another tool that shows you are a digital native, what do you think?

Happy Movie Making,
Donald Clark


Godfrey Parkin said...

Very cool. Great discovery! This could be the start of a Digital Oscar race!

My movie:

Godfrey Parkin

jay said...

Wow. I love this. Another arrow in the quiver of ways to get the message across.

I still identify with the 60s ethos of guerilla video, the impromptu, in-your-face, video verité that emerged when media was really locked down. Think what the second and third generations of this will empower us to do.

Up the revolution!

P.S. Godfrey, the link to your movie isn't working for me....

Godfrey Parkin said...

Hmm.. I neglected to format it as a link. So much for my digital savvy. Here it is again:

Logic is for wimps