Thursday, July 14

Online Learning in Higher Education

IRRODL (International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning) has a nice article on the diffusion of online learning into mainstream college offerings. In addition to some very interesting data in their review of the current state of online learning, the authors put forward four variables that their research indicates are key in the adoption of technology for online learning by faculty members:
  1. levels of interaction in their online courses (more is better)
  2. technical support
  3. a positive experience in learning and developing their online course
  4. the discipline area that they teach
Higher Ed folks, does this research ring true for you? What's your experience with getting faculty to adopt online learning? Everyone else, does there seem to be parallels in your areas?

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Online Degree said...

Boy, I think that the adoption of online courses and learning by instructors is really dependent on the area and the individuals. At our institution we have seen a great level of adoption for the online programs even in the departments where we expected some hesitation. However, there are still many professors and faculty who shun the online learning.