Wednesday, September 28

Authoring Simulation Genres: Interactive Spreadsheets

One well-understood simulation genre is interactive spreadsheets.

Interactive spreadsheets focus on abstract business school issues such as supply chain management, product lifecycle, accounting, and general cross-functional business acumen. Students allocate finite resources along competing categories at successive turn-based fixed intervals, and each time they watch their results play out on dense graphs and charts.
This is often done in a multi-player or team-based environment and often with facilitators.
The subtlety, unpredictability, and variability make them appropriate for training b-school students and high-potential supervisors through the direct reports to the CEO. They are often the cornerstones of multi-day programs to align a fractured department or organization by building shared knowledge and understanding.

Another is straight Excel.

Do people know of other great authoring tools?

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Anonymous said...

At Enspire we tend to build our finished simulations with Flash clients (and, when necessary, Java backends). But, we prototype several different ways:

-We often prototype using Excel and Visual Basic especially for data driven simulations.

-For process driven simulations, we often paper prototype. Click here to see an example of this.

-Shon Bayer (