Sunday, January 1

Top 11 Trends for Organizational Learning

  1. Google
  2. Blogs
  3. Wiki's
  4. Open Source
  5. IM/VOIP (Instant Messaging/ Voice Over Internet)
  6. Ambient Information
  7. Mobile Phones as Content Inputs/Outputs
  8. Podcasts
  9. Computer Games driving educational simulations
  10. Growing Training Budgets
  11. More Decentralized College Programs


Anonymous said...

Top 11 trends based on what or who? Don't get me wrong, I like the list, but I'm not sure if it is a forecast, or more Letterman or more Gallup.

Dave Lee said...

Interesting list Clark. Like Tom I'm curious about your rationale for inclusion and priority. I can concur with Google, Ambient Information, Mobile technologies, Podcasts, Educational Simulations and Decentralized College Programs.

But I'm not convinced that IM/VOIP will have impact quite yet. The paradigm of using audio in learning is still not quite in place. Text still rules. (but its time is drawing nigh.)

I agree that blogs and wikis will have impact, but not as stand alones. I predict that in 2006 we'll see blogs and wikis absorbed into other tools and programs as appropriate.

From everything I've read, seen and heard; growing training budgets are a pipe dream. Now, our ability to do more with less is becoming more and more developed so I might agree that we'll see expanded training and learning offerings.

Some items I'd add to your list:

My #1? RSS, Web Services, and other "Web 2.0" technologies will be adopted by learning groups and will be a huge hit with learners.

The field will "rediscover" methodology and design as the drivers of building learning programs, relegating technology to being the medium of delivery it is.

Collaborative learning and working environments will step to the forefront of technology implementations.

Mark said...

Clark....its hard to disagree with your list...its also hard to know what to do with it in order? Does 'organizational' apply to government, higher ed and corporate? Are these the trends that organizations are already paying attention to or are they the ones the need to get on their radar?

These are all sizable memes that have had legs for some time now so just wondering about the idea behind the list.

Clark Aldrich said...

I did a lot of short term consulting for all different types of organizations in November, and all of those topics appeared in the "strategic, let's move ahead here" area.

Anonymous said...

If mobile devices (Ipod, cell phone, etc...) are going to become the new way of learning, we're going to have an entire generation that becomes medically certifiable as deaf and blind by age 50 from listening to those horrible "ear buttons" and trying to learn by reading a 2" screen.

Unknown said...

Yea, I normally use Wiki to find out some stuff. But sometimes I'll google it.