Friday, February 3

Further Beyond the Blog?

Just when you thought it was over, it's BACK!

Well kind of.

We received a email from Jim Belshaw, CEO of the Ndarala Group, a consultancy in Rosebery, Australia. Seems the Australian Higher Education system and training are being assailed much in the same manner as Sam Adkins and David Grebow have done here in the States via LCB.

Ndarala has published a very nice staff paper Special Feature: Is Training Snake Oil? revisiting Sam's Post and the comments that followed. Jim wrote asking permission to affiliate their article with our Beyond the Blog: Snake Oil Revisited. Given the quality of the article I gave him the go ahead to us the Beyond the Blog logo with the article and I'm adding a link to their article to the BtB archive.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice comment on our staff paper, Dave. We have only just seen the original debate and found it very stimulating.

I note that there has only been limited comment on snake oil revisited. A case of trench fatigue perhaps?

Seriously, I would like to see more comment. The very nature of Sam's comments and the original response do provide a useful hanging point for a whole series of current issues.

We are happy to provide some comments from this side of the world.