Saturday, February 4

SimWord of the Day: Throttle

The degree to which we can predictably facilitate in the transfer of Big Skills depends quite a bit on the ability to accurately capture them. If we don't do a better job of capturing them, we will be forever stuck on the training justification infinite-loop.

One reason for some lack of success in transferring big skills is that most of us in the knowledge-capture biz think too much in terms of linear content, and therefore have crippling blind spots. These posts are designed to challenge that.

One critical modeling analogy is the throttle. With a throttle, there is a simple analog relationship between input and output. The harder you press on the gas pedal, the more fuel goes into the engine, and then the faster the car goes (unless you are out of gas, or you hit a tree, you are topping out, or....).

We all use management throttles every day.

  • How hard to push the under-performing employee?
  • How much funding do we put towards a project?
  • How much of our own time do we spend responding to a critical email?
  • How active do we want to be on that conference call?
  • How hard to push a security initiative?
  • How hard to look for nutritious food, versus being content with what is at the buffet table?
  • How much do we care about our job?
In capturing domain expertise, the throttle is an input mechanism, and must have a defined relationship to one or more simulation systems.

Part of the SimWord of the Day Series....

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