Wednesday, February 1

SimWord of the Day: Scramble

Scramble: Using a mixture of reflex and practiced tactics in an attempt to get to a better, more strategic, situation.

I love watching people play real-time simulations. You can tell by watching their eyes when they go from being in control to suddenly loosing it. Things go wrong. They panic. They flail. Then, something happens to the eyes. They gain resolve. They scramble. And , sometimes, they regain control, and are once again humming at a strategic level.

I used to think that you don't really know another country until you are really bored there. Likewise, you don't really know what it is like to be an expert until you have to scramble with the content.

Pilots learn to scramble all of the time in a good flight simulator. Those few real-time business simulations likewise create atmospheres where they earn to think through the panic.

Students scramble all of the time, of course. But when history students scramble, it is around the school-context of preparing a homework paper, not the type of scrambling that a historical leader had to do at a critical time in their lives.

I know that some people will just not get this entry (and I worry I am one of them). Creating an atmosphere that encourages a content-specific scramble seems utterly bizarre when talking about traditional linear content, and completely natural in the next wave of educational simulations.

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Thiagarajan said...

Maybe I am one of those who don't get the entry, but I learn best (and most) when I scramble. I have my own strategies for taking the most boring learning task and scrambling it to me from getting bored out of gourd. Actually, I have scrambled even in "foreign" countries by having a local host drive me around blindfolded and drop me in the middle of a suq and leave me to my own devices. I have to scramble in order get back to my hotel. I use this approach to "train" visitors to Chennai (but make sure that my local friends shadow the "learner" in case she gets arrested. Nothing like having to scramble in order to really, really understand the local culture (or have a delusion thereof). I have also created a sadistic f2f simulation ("White Water") where participants are given a task that keeps changing unpredictably once every 5 minutes on the average.
Obviously scrambling has something to do with getting people into a flow state. Definitely not recommended for thos who cannot cope with unpredictable chaos, complexity, ambiguity, lack of closure, and

TheBunny said...

I think scrambling is the process of application. This is when the bits of information that were previously two dimensional (on the page or in the form of a lecture) has to become three dimensional so you can pick it up and use it.

Clark Aldrich said...

I think most people are familliar with the experience of scrambling at a high level.

But I think there is domain specific scrambling.
* Scrambling for dollars during a funding crunch is different than
* Scrambling for safety when a truck is cutting you off which is different than
* Scrambling to save a patient who is having a bad reaction to the medicine
* Scrambling to convince an army not to stage a coup.

Today, that scrambling, which I believe is critical for both understanding any professional skill and any historical figure is seldom part of a formal learning environment and hopefully will be someday.

ozbecks said...

Hey all,

I'm sick of creating shite elearning just to turn a buck, its very hit and miss and mostly 'rational thought' seems to be both a frield ie (woooo analytics...) and out antithesis. How can we span nations, converge with gaming houses and do work we love thus realising our techno bounded learning dreams (which we intuitively know or think we know to be true)?

Any ideas? Cos I am heartily sick of corporate life without the heart payoff.

ozbecks said...

and another thing, I meant freind (that was a joke except after c) not frield and 'our' not out (ah yes I can hear the QA judgement hehehe takes one to know one...fair call). Anyway. I come from Oz and small ponds are hard to blow big bubbles in so I want to know. How do I merge an elearning and a games house. After all they are both billion dollar global concerns now.

Jane said...

When scrambling at high level there should be consideration of the grade (of climb) and whether or not to 'rope up' ..........

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