Monday, March 27

Let's Talk Some Serious Numbers

OK. So I just got back from a week in San Jose at the Serious Games Summit / Game Developers Conference. I have a lot to post about things I saw/heard there and I'll probably split the postings between here and my blog. I did want to throw these numbers out though as a discussion starter...they are from Philip Rosedale, CEO and Founder of Linden Lab 'ne Second Life.
  • Number of residents: 166,000+
  • Number of ongoing educational or 'Serious' research projects: 100+
  • Size of Second Life: 32,000 acres (bigger than Boston)
  • Amount of real world currency (in US$) traded annually for goods and services (i.e. paid between residents): $160,000,000 (yes, that's million)
  • Number of user-created objects: 10 million
  • Size of user-created data: 10 TBytes (yes, that's a T)
  • Number of unique items sold/traded monthly: 230,000
  • Number of events per day: approx. 500
  • 43% percent female
  • 25% non-US
Keep in mind - Second Life is NOT a game - it is a platform.

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