Saturday, March 18

JayFeeds - a corporate learning aggregator

Stephen Downes' Edu-RSS had been my favorite source of learning & education news for years. Stephen is on hiatus and I am suffering withdrawal pains, so I figured I'd pick up the slack. I've experimented with half a dozen aggregators but have found none to my liking. They are ugly or incapable of dealing with the number of feeds Stephen maintained. I also realized that many of the listings on Edu-RSS held no interest for me or were topics for which I had other sources I liked.

JayFeeds | JayFeeds - River View

JayFeeds is a group of twenty blogs that I enjoy reading. Most focus on corporate learning. Less is more.

  • Ageless Learner Blog

  • Connect @ EDUCAUSE


  • cogdogblog

  • Communication Nation

  • Donald Clark Plan B

  • Edge Perspectives with John Hagel

  • elearnspace

  • Harold Jarche

  • Jane Knight, eLearning Centre

  • Joho the Blog

  • Parkin's Lot

  • Internet Time Blog

  • InformL Blog

  • Robin Good's Latest News

  • Dave Lee's eelearning

  • The Experience Designer Network

  • The Learning Circuits Blog

  • e-Clippings (a division of blogoehlert)

  • elearningpost

  • judith meskill.

  • T+D Blog

  • Currently running on BozPage, I'll change the URLs here when I find a better aggregator.

    Permanent home of JayFeeds

    (Bookmark it because the target URL changes periodically.) I'll also put it in the sidebar of Internet Time Blog.

    If you don't care for my choice, start a new BozPage and make your own.

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