Monday, May 15

Pensare's Vision of Knowledge Communities

This is a contribution to Donald Clark's post; I just am not sure how to upload pictures in a response.

Readers of Simulations and the Future of Learning will recognize this picture, from a now-defunct e-learning company called Pensare. (I think this picture was done in 1998).

I always loved how sweeping and ambitious it was. I would strongly encourage any reader to click on it and really look around. In fact, make a poster of it and hang it on your wall!


jay said...

Clark, I love the picture. Thanks for posting it.

The dream is so far from the reality. A couple of arrows in the back of Pensare's pioneers:

1. They tried to sell college courses to corporations.

2. Their system was never fully integrated with Duke's. Students refused to log in twice because they knew it wasn't necessary for things to work that way.

Clark Aldrich said...

Hey Jay,

Don't get all "reality" on me! We are talking about "getting it" not actually "doing it". :)

Said another way, good vision doesn't equal good strategy; good strategy does not equal good tactics.

It is one of my favorite pictures, though. Thanks for your comments, as always.