Wednesday, May 31

SimWord of the Day: Modding


Mini-programs that change aspects of a commercial off the shelf computer game. Mods can add or change

  • levels,
  • skins and models,
  • tools for avatars,
  • cheats,
  • special effects,
  • interface options, and
  • game balancing.

Mods cannot change the underlying game genre. Short for custom modification, mods can increase the value of a computer game, and are often encourage by the game developer and distributor. Mods can be downloaded from fan sites ; In cultures around games that are heavily modded, a non-modded version of the game is called a vanilla version.


A hobbiest who develops content to change one or more aspects of a commercial off-the-shelf computer game (a mod). Modders are often very dedicated to their activities, and can work in elaborate teams, often virtual, and spend more time modding than their full time job. Some modders aspire to be professional game developers, but many more just love the activity. Some rise to cult status in a given community.

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