Monday, December 4

Past Experiences. Present Challenges. Future Predictions.

It's the beginning of another month!
Time for another The Big Question.
November's Question got passions raging and great conversation with real substance whose embers are still glowing as more comments still are flowing in. While we had fewer participating posts this month (21 registered and 10+ thus far found that didn't register with us), the level and depth of the conversations were much more involved and intense.
We heard Mark Oehlert's whining about the first two The Big Questions being tough, so here's a softball, or should I say SNOWBALL, for you.

The Big Question for December is:

What will you remember most about 2006?
What are the biggest challenges for you/us as head into 2007?
What are your predictions for 2007?

Please post your responses to these 3 questions on your blog.

You can post about you and your life as a workplace learning professional or you may prefer to post about our field, current events that impact learning, or any other interpretation of these questions that makes sense for you. Reflection on the past, acceptance of where we are today, and putting our hopes for the future out there are very much a part of this time of year for many of us who grew up in Western traditions. Tony and I are hoping these three questions will be come an LCB tradition over the coming years.

The Big Question Process

You can find more details over in the sidebar, but simply answer these questions by posting your response on your own blog. When you have it ready, come back here to Learning Circuits Blog and fill out the form below regarding your post. We'd appreciate it if you would give a link to this post from your post. Adding The Big Question logo to your post would be a perfect early Christmas present for Tony and I. Once you've entered your post in the form, check out some of the other posts and get involved. Be sure to comment on other participants blogs. or if you should feel a stronger need to write post another post to your own blog and repeat the process again.

To those of you who will be celebrating, have a safe and happy holidays! Enjoy the conversations! - Tony and Dave

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Clive Shepherd said...

With the Zoho Creator (whatever that is) out of action, this is just to say that I've posted on this topic at

Anonymous said...

I tried to post a link but it did not work. You can see my comments on

Dave Lee said...

thanks clive and steve. it actually was a blogger problem this time and not zoho. in any event, I'll make sure your information is entered into the database asap. Thanks for participating.

Dave Lee
your humble, but overworked blogmeister

Mark said...

Honestly...I was whining? I thought the first 2 questions were great! Maybe what I really said was that I wish people would STOP whining and just answer the questions! :-)

Dave Lee said...

oh Mark, you know I was just teasing you!

Anonymous said...

Been trying for three days to get Zoho to work. When I click submit it just shows the circle graphic going around and around and around and around and...

Posted my reply on my blog @

Dave Lee said...

sorry about that Paul. I'll ram it into zoho creator for you. if you get a chance, would you mind emailing me the configuration you were using? ie, browser and version, OS version, mac or pc) that way I can check with zoho about the problem you were having. Thanks!

happy holidays.
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Steppenwolf said...

I've posted my response at

bschlenker said...

I have 2 more posts on this but ZOHO doesn't seem to be working so I"ll put them here...

...thanks Tony for reminding me to get them up here.

Anonymous said...

The Learning Circuits Blog’s question of the month for December 2006 was actually three questions (very soon they may well start sending questionnaires):

* What will you remember most about 2006?
* What are the biggest challenges for you/us as [we] head into 2007?
* What are your predictions for 2007?

Some of us had expressed our individual views through our personal blogs, but we wanted to put up a TATA Interactive response. We decided to have a panel discussion to articulate our views. We approached the questions from various lenses – design and business, our company and the overall industry, e-learning organizations and client organizations.

It’s a bit on the longer side (~32 minutes), but considering the informal nature of it, it has not been edited – so what you hear is everything that was said in the discussion.

The panel comprised Albert Lewis, Head – Business Excellence & Technology Strategy; Geetha Krishnan, Corporate Mentor – Productization; Manisha Mohan, Head – Design & Innovation; Anand Subramanian, Head – Systems Design; and Anil Mammen, Head – Instructional Design.

To listen to the podcast of this panel discussion please navigate to:

Anonymous said...

Tried to post my link, but it isn't showing. My post is located at:

Thanks for the Big Question -- it was a fun reflection exercise!