Monday, March 5

March Big Question: Supporting New Managers?

Ok, so it looks like Learning Circuits Blog is not a spam blog after all. And that means that we can ask this month's big question - a few days late.

This month's big question actually was a question asked by an attendee at Jay Cross' presentation on informal learning at ASTD TechKnowledge. She was in charge of designing training and support systems to help people transition into management roles throughout the organization (customer service, sales, operations, etc.). She told us that her organization was used to doing this with instructor-led training, but that she wanted to explore a combination of instructor-led, online and informal learning. She wanted suggestions on things she could do, what she needed to consider, and how to balance what approaches were taken.

So, this month, The Big Question is...

What Would You Do to Support New Managers?

Please answer this question by posting to your own blog or commenting on this post.
(For further help in how to participate via blog posts, see the side bar.)

Points to Consider:

  • As much as possible please provide specific suggestions to this person.
  • Since dialog with her is possible at this point, if there are key forks in the road - you just have to tell us about them and the options that exist.

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