Friday, April 8

In Praise of IT Conversations

I think my best "discovery" of the last six months has been the web site IT Conversations. This is a web site that provides FREE downloads of hundreds of cutting edge IT speeches by the best in the industry.

I am one who loves a good speech. It goes deeper than a magazine article, and is more current than a book. It also has passion and personality.

But I am not as fond of the ten speeches in a row format of a typical conference. In fact, I have a hard time sitting through just one.

Rather, I love to listen to speeches while driving, even working around the grounds. I can put several on my PDA, and it reloads automatically when I synchronize after I delete the last one.

We all use ourselves as test subjects, practicing learning. Here is one of the best ways around.


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jay said...

Yes! I'm a big fan of IT Conversations, too. I listen while doing my daily exercise. I will be interviewing Doug Kaye, IT Conversations' creator, for my book on Informal Learning. "Podcasts," which seems to apply to almost all downloadable recordings, are becoming wildly popular, thanks in part to Adam Curry and Dave Winer.