Friday, April 15

Oh, Canada

I sometimes feel that other countries are so much more progressive in terms of pushing elearning's potential than here in the States. Canda, the UK, Australia, New Z., all seem to outstrip us, or at least see things that us Yanks miss but really need to know. (Israel had been one of the places until about four years ago... I wonder what distracted them....)

That is one reason I am so excited to be speaking at the CSTD's 2005 Learning Innovation Symposium. I really look forward to seeing some innovation! If you haven't been to a conference outside of the US, Fredericton, New Brunswick is a perfect place to start.

Of course, it is also the official Candian launch of Learning By Doing, so you can get your very own autographed copy while you are there.

If you do go, please say hello (Of the three pictures, I'm the one at the top!).


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