Friday, April 8

What are topics about which a Learning Professional should be uniquely proficient?

I would greatly value all of your input. What are topics about which a Learning Professional should be UNIQUELY PROFICIENT (i.e. you know more than anyone else in your organization), and VERY PROFICIENT (i.e. critical knoweldge to do your job)?

Here are some thoughts to get the ball rolling:

Virtual classrooms
LMSs/Training Portal
Workflow Learning?
Training Evaluation (Kirkpatrick levels?)
Skills Management?
Organizational Strategic Skill Gaps (OSSGs)
Needs Analysis

Enterprise Strategy
Business Unit Strategy
Project Management
Technology Trends
Application Interface Design?
Schedule of Application Deployments




Dave Lee said...

My first thought is you need to define "Learning Professional." I would argue that a classroom facilitator, a content repository database administrator, the director of a learning call center, and the CLO are all learning professionals. But I would also argue that the unique proficiencies of each of these positions is vastly different than the others.

ASTD's 2004 Competency Study attempts to differentiate competencies between workplace learning roles. Another source for a set of proficiencies is ISPI's Standards of Performance Technology.

John Fallon said...

Since I create all my material from scratch, I would include the following for unique:

just for starters...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Learning Professionals need to be uniquely proficient in:

1)identifying barriers to optimal performance for individuals, teams and organisations

2)being able to suggest and address learning issues in an integrated manner along with performance support and knowledge management issues

3)prove the value that they add to the organisation

David Grebow said...

Bravo Anon! You took the very words out of my mouth.

I might have added in the Nmber 2 slot "Show the cost to the company that these barriers to performance represent - what is the cost of lost-time, downtime, too-long-to-market time,wasted R&D time, bad communications, increasing the cost if information, etc., but that's just me. You did ask the ROI question at the end where it belongs - always.

And thanks again for providing another idea for a new blog entry. You are IMHO perceptive and sagacious. Oh yeah, if you can, we'd love to know who you are. I at least would like to correspond and the Anon family has been around for centuries and is too hard to find via white or yellow page searches!

Martin Schmalenbach said...

It strikes me that many of these can be outsourced - perhaps expertise bought/brought in as needed, with the "learning professional" having KNOWLEDGE of what these things are, where to find out more, how to apply them, benefits (and problems) associated with each etc.

Also, some of the additional comments are very particular to things relating to developing software and/or niche parts of eLearning type content - for many smaller organisations I'd say - outsource. You can't afford to have these skills on your pay roll - do you know how long it takes to put decent eLearning content together?

I'd definately have DESIGN as a MUST HAVE.

Administrators, director of learning call centre etc suggest reasonable sized organisations, but should they be 'learning professionals' if this is all they do? No, I'd guess not!

It's a tough business world out there - invest in your core and enabling competencies, buy everything else in - unless you are big enough to bring it in house and benefit from economies of scale.

Of course, I could be wrong...!!

Anonymous said...

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