Friday, June 10

Open Source E-Learning vs. bundled vs. merging vs. stand-alone

There are a lot of e-learning things. LMSs, LCMSs, Virtual Classroom Tools. Online courses on Windows and biology 101 and ethics.

The question used to be, what would be bundled? Would EPSs bundle LMSs? Would IM bundle virtual classrooms.

Then the question is, what will be merged/acquired. Which LMSs and LCMSs will merge? Will content vendors merge with other content, or with tools?

Now there is open source.

How we will do what we want to do is getting increasingly interesting.


jay said...

Bundling is a variable in a world organized as web services, so the answer to your question is "all of the above."

Think internet as operating system. The environment is "small pieces, loosely joined."

Bill Bruck said...

I think Jay is right - in theory, and eventually.

We've been facing this question in a pretty deep way from a collaborative learning POV, as we've been building the next version of our blended learning delivery platform.

What we've found is that (a) there is a lack of accepted standards for "collaborative learning objects," and (b) an effective delivery platform needs to deeply integrate collaborative technologies with SCOs.

The traditional approach has been bundling and stand alone, as threaded discussions and IM has been tacked on to LMS's.

I hope that in some bright future, we'll be able to integrate more true learning technologies by bundling; however, for now the only type of technologies that can be easily integrated are the low hanging fruit - the SCOs.

There's a lot of sweat involve in creating a seamless learner experience, rapid development for IDs, and single point of administration for managers today - if you're trying to integrate more than simple content.


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