Monday, June 6

A Reading from "Learning By Doing"

If anyone is interested, I read a bit from my new book at Second Life; the 13 minute downloadable MP3 is posted. It gave me a chance to present one of my favorite charts:

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It suggests in order to understand "The Humanities" (the wisdom of the people who came before us), one thing you have to understand is business strategies. In order to understand business strategies, one thing you have to understand is personal improvement. And in order to understand personal improvement, one thing you have to look at is what you do everyday.

All of the most important skills/knowledge/wisdom cut across all these layers. Just focusing on one layer is almost always distorting. Most importantly, viewing content as just linear is crippling.

Accepting this view, one might see a unification
  • between academics and business,
  • between what we know and what we do, and
  • between understanding the past and impacting the future.

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Clark Aldrich said...

Not that anyone asked, but the blue background pattern is a recursion pattern, with each square being "filled up" by cutting it into four smaller boxes, adding fill starting in the upper right hand, then the two diagnols, and ending in the the bottom left.