Monday, June 13

What do you think?

Clark Aldrich is touring the continent to introduce his new book, Learning by Doing. I've been fortunate to hear him twice in the last month. Talking with diverse people in new places gets Clark thiinking about many issues. He has been sharing them here. Some people think it's great to have a steady stream of intriguing ideas; others consider it undue self-promotion for the book. The Learning Circuits Blogteam has mixed feelings.

What do you think? Leave a comment.

By the way, here's what greeted me this morning on Amazon:


Godfrey Parkin said...

I think it is inappropriate and somewhat unprofessional of the members of this blogging team to discuss in public the contributions and motivations of the most enthusiastic and prolific contributor to this blog as if he were not present in the virtual room.

Clark, you have out-blogged us all, and if there is anything at all to be “critical” of, it is the sheer volume of your posts. I have noticed only a couple of references to your book, and have seen nothing at all objectionable. If we are going to debate something, let’s make it to material to LCB’s raison d’ĂȘtre, and take any bickering about individual contributions offline.

Harold Jarche said...

Good ideas will last; so will good books. What's the problem? I ignore a lot of posts and I also read many. Allow me to make the choice. So far, this blog has stayed in my aggregator.