Wednesday, August 24

How to Optimize Organizational Learning (inclusive)

Here is the newest version of my accord chart. I continue to update it based on experiences in the field and even comments from this blog! It is a snapshot of all of our various options, the arrows in our quiver. Each have trade-offs; each have benefits. The question is no longer, which to do, but more, can you do each at the right time?
As with the consolidation chart, I am happy to send it anyone who emails me for it.


Anonymous said...

Very comprehensive.
that´s the learning model which best includes new trends in teaching in the attempt to observe all aspects of this complex process.
Congratulatios!!! I would like to receive it if possible.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a very comprehensive update....
Please forward copy as promised..

Thank you.

Carl Nelson
8 Evans Court
Huntington Station,
New York 11746