Tuesday, August 9

Short Essay Question (worth 20 points)

In a fictitious Fortune 1000 organization, there is a 20-person group dedicated to managing real estate assets. Seven of the people were chosen to take a two-day, off-site course on negotiating, which all but one attended.


  • How do you think the members of the team felt who went to the training?
  • How do you think the members of the team felt who did not?
  • What does this say about the perception of training?
  • Is this situation a good one or bad one for the organization?
  • Could/does this situation happen in your organization?

You have five minutes to respond.


Anonymous said...
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jay said...

1. The response of those selected to go to the training would be divided. Half would be bummed that they would lose two productive work days. The remainder would be positive, seeing the training as both a compliment and and opportunity to improve their skills.

2. Unless they were told the training was remedial, those left behind would feel unappreciated and bummed out.

3. Off-site training is still regarded more as a perk than a normal aspect of work.

4. Bad, because the resultant turmoil could be avoided.

5. Internet Time Group has only two employees, but the wife's eyebrows raised when I attended the Creative Leadership Course in La Jolla, a marketing seminar in Honolulu, and NTL on Amelia Island.