Wednesday, August 24


I am going spend about two weeks now trying to get up to speed on Moodle, ultimately evaluating it (against other tools) for implementation.

I will share relevant data and artifacts as I come across them.

All comments are appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I think Moodle and Claroline are leading the way. Would be very interested in your comments.

Clark Aldrich said...

E-learning Centre ( has a great section on Moodle.

Harold Jarche said...

Get involved with the Moodle community - Martin is very helpful. One of the things that we've found most useful is the wiki module.

Another good resource is Moodle Bug.

Anne said...

I use Moodle with students from fourth grade through high school. We recently left Blackboard and went full Moodle. My teachers and students like Moodle much more than Bb~ they find it much more user friendly.

Anonymous said...


I just wondered how your Moodling was going. Come on over to and ask anything :) It's a friendly bunch :)