Tuesday, December 27

SimWord of the Day: Habituation

  1. The process of habituating or the state of being habituated.
    1. Physiological tolerance to a drug resulting from repeated use.
    2. Psychological dependence on a drug.
  2. Psychology. The decline of a conditioned response following repeated exposure to the conditioned stimulus.


1. transitive verb

make somebody used to something:
to accustom a person or animal to something through prolonged and regular exposure ( formal )
People living in cities become habituated to crowds.

2. transitive and intransitive verb

psychology learn to ignore stimulus:
to learn not to respond to a stimulus that is frequently repeated, or teach a person or animal to do this

[16th century. <> habituat-, past participle of habituare "bring into a state" <> habitus (see habit)]

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