Wednesday, December 28

What will You Remember about 2005?

During December and January, many blogs and websites publish their reviews of the year that has passed. Some publish the "best of" and "worst of." Others catalog the biggest surprises or greatest disappointments. I thought that it would be most in the spirit of LCB to ask our readers to share what you feel 2005 was about in our world. What was significant about 2005 in the learning and elearning world. Was it the consolidation of the LMS industry? The emergence of Web2.0 technologies and their impact on learning? How about lessons learned about workplace preparedness from Katrina? Or that one shining moment when one learner "got it" because of something you did?

Please share your reflections on the past year with us. I know I've forgotten much about what's happened around me and that your memories will trigger memories I'd rather remember than forget.

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Mark said...

Katrina. Tsunami. Earthquake. These were the top stories that I'll remember. These events will affect humankind for decades. Their scope challenged our notions of levels of response and in the U.S., exposed how utterly un-ready we are to deal with a disaster - natural or otherwise - on this scale.

Learning moments from all this? Leadership is critical. Leadership must have a clear vision and expose that vision to as many people as possible. Learning is ONLY important if it is coupled with ways to execute what you have learned - i.e. it must have a way to affect performance