Monday, December 19

SimWord of the Day: The Second Paradox of Educational Simulations

According to the Second Paradox, educational simulations can never be completely comprehensive and accurate, because once a perfect simulation model can be created, the process can be automated, and therefore formal learning is not necessary.


Anonymous said...

Why should you wish to create a completely comprehensive and accurate simulation. Both too expensive and surely, humans can handle quite high degrees of mismatch between the real and model world. We have no problems using road maps to plan a journey even though the map is a stylised distortion of the real world. In fact the road map is preferrable over the aerial photo - as the latter is too complex and unfocused.

Clark Aldrich said...

While I agree with you completely, a lot of clients and students, when simulations are challenging to their views of the world, point to minor innaccuracies or contrivances to discredit the entire experience. Of course the best instructors don't let them get away with it...!