Friday, January 13

Real simple why Web 2.0 is important...

...because it exposes and links. I know this is probably so clear to those of us who are immersed in it but I think we need to "stay on message" with other folks. Social networking, Web/Learning 2.0 - whatever - these are all aimed at exposing, revealing and linking. If your situation doesn't call for that, these technologies aren't right for you - no harm no foul. Why is this important?

...because informal learning will just stay something you do personally within your own close-knit network and not a phenomenona we understand and can use to imporove organization performance UNLESS we use some of these tools and the concepts behind them to reveal, expose and illuminate the networks of informal learning that they are creating. I have this feeling that we need a whole new lexicon for talking about the instructional impacts of furl,, frappr, etc. Of course, its early - I could be wrong.

P.S. Clark - you must promise to collect all of your SimWords somewhere....

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Dave Lee said...

Mark: I think you are so right about needed to remember to "stay on message" at the most basic level. While some of us may have been playing with the Web 2.0 toys for some time, the great masses are just starting to sense that something's afoot.

In my predictions for 2006 over on eelearning in predict that we'll see a new focus on methodologies and instructional design - specifically because of all these new tools. Our job is to make the journey more smooth for those who are following than it was for us.

Funny on your PS to Clark. I was just thinking the same thing this morning!