Monday, January 4

Predictions and Plans for 2010

Happy New Year!

We had great response to last month's question - Learning 2009. It was a great opportunity to look back at 2008. This month we are going to look forward.

Thus, for January the question is:

What are your
Predictions and Plans for 2010?

The goal here is to here what people see happening for them this year.
  • What are your biggest challenges for this upcoming year?
  • What are your major plans for the year?
  • What predictions do you have for the year?
You might want to take a look back at last month's posts and as well what people talked about in:
How to Respond:

Option 1 - Simply put your thoughts in a comment below. This may be hard given the complexity of the topic.

Option 2 -

Step 1 - Post in your blog (please link to this post).
Step 2 - Put a comment in this blog with an HTML ready link that I can simply copy and paste (an HTML anchor tag). I will only copy and past, thus, I would also recommend you include your NAME immediately before your link. So, it should look like:

Tony Karrer - e-Learning 2.0

or you could also include your blog name with something like:

Tony Karrer - e-Learning 2.0 : eLearningTechnology

Posts so far (and read comments as well):


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Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora e Tony!

Kia hari te tau hou!

I thought I'd already done the rounds with this post - I had, but posted on 31 December 2009. Sorry I missed the boat - or perhaps pushed off on an earlier canoe.

Catchya later

Manish Gupta said...

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ClaudiaE said...

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Marina Miranda said...

I am a graduate student almost graduating, so I would say that my biggest challenge for this year of 2010 is to graduate with honors, find an internship and then a job, all in one year… I think this year is one of the most important ones for me because this year my life will really change from student to the real world worker...
I predict that this year will be great, with a lot of changes, but I hope that it will be all good ones and beneficial for me and I hope I will grow more and more, but never forget of old (and new) friends and family.