Saturday, April 30

Cheating or just smart?

There was another story in the paper today about kids using technology to cheat while taking tests. I think the set up was scanning some test questions in real time and getting the responses IMed back to them while they were still at the desk.

The headline, "Cheating or just smart?" was mine not theirs. It is reminiscent of a headline I read about a year ago when some teacher seduced some high school boys, and the caption read, "victims or just lucky?"


Anonymous said...

I have mixed feelings on this. While we want students to demonstrate the learned skills of the course, the reality is that in the real world the need for memorization is minimal. In the real world, the availability of reference is commonplace.

This may demonstrate the need to innovate education to relate to the ‘real world’ and the tools that people will have outside of school.


jay said...

Steve Downes made a related comment at our closing CSTD session. He suggested that grades in school should be assigned randomly, evaluating nothing at all... just like in real life.